Religious Cross Stitch Graphic

Religious Cross Stitch Patterns May Help Your Faith

Religion is undoubtedly a major influence across the world and many cross stitchers will have considered stitching a piece that symbolises their religion. Well, just as with every other type of design that we frequently get the urge to search for, there are hundreds of beautiful patterns available. Admittedly, the majority of the patterns available […]

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Beyond Anchor and DMC: Exploring Other Thread Manufacturers

  Mags_cat Foter CC BY-NC-SA Many stitchers start out happily using thread made by two of the best-known manufacturers: Anchor and DMC, and will continue to do throughout their stitching careers. While these two companies produce high quality threads, other notable cross stitch thread manufacturers do¬†exist, and are well worth your consideration. Below is a […]

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cross stitch wedding love graphic

Cross Stitch Projects for a Special Wedding

Don’t forget wedding cross stitch in your plans for that special day. Along with choosing the dress, deciding on flowers for the bouquet and writing the guest list, put some time aside for stitching invitations, place setting cards, wedding favours, a ring pillow or even a sampler. If a friend or family member is tying […]

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